As a result of Floods and Droughts


Due to floods and droughts - Indonesia is a country with only two seasons - summer (dry) and rainy season. At this time, we will connect these two seasons with the many natural disasters occurring in Indonesia. The yalam disasters associated with the rainy and summer seasons are floods and drought disasters.

Be it floods and drought disaster have negative impact or effect in various fields. The consequences of floods and drought will be the focus of the problem in this article. 

Impact or effect caused by flooding 

Flood disasters are sometimes predictable, and sometimes unpredictable. Floods can be predicted when it comes during the rainy season in an area that is often flooded, while unpredictable floods usually occur in rare areas of flood, usually in the form of flood or embankment burst. Flood disaster can harm many people because the floods have negative impacts on health or on the environment. In addition, floods also cause damage and not a few environmental problems arising from the occurrence of floods. 

To know more details about the consequences of floods, here are 10 consequences of flooding in various fields. 

Floods can damage facilities and infrastructure 

Floods can damage or possibly destroy houses, buildings, places of worship, schools, government offices, cars, and public transport. 

Floods can eliminate or damage equipment, property, and the human spirit. 

When the flood disaster comes, then many who lost property, and various kinds of home appliances because of flood into the house. The most dangerous is that if the flood disaster to claim casualties. 

Floods can disrupt or damage the economy. 

The economy of a region will be disrupted because the floods soak the important sectors of the economy, be it agriculture, industry, and even transportation. With disconnected transportation access, food trucked by trucks may decay or may require additional costs. In addition, the production of the plant will be temporarily suspended due to power failure or production machine submerged in water so that the production process can not run as usual. 

Floods can contaminate the surrounding environment. 

Floodwaters entering homes, schools, and other public places will make the environment dirty because of the garbage that is piled up and flooded by the flood. 

This is an article about natural disasters that deals with the 10 consequences of floods and droughts. Hopefully useful for readers. Also open another article that is on our blog. Such an article about natural disasters that discuss about the 10 consequences caused by floods and drought. Hopefully useful for readers. Also open another article on our blog.